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Every day, software users are told to make do with applications that don’t integrate with the world around them. Copy, paste, re-key, fix errors and keep quiet. By design, applications are silos of data and functionality that only allow you to do part of what you need done. It’s maddening.
Put an end to the madness. Liberate your applications with Ratchet and make software work for you.

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Software applications do what they were designed to do, and no more. Unfortunately, the business demands placed upon you to get things done are not so orderly. Every day brings with it the need to gather and disseminate more information to an ever increasing number of disparate systems and data sources. So what are you supposed to do until the applications you use are modified to accommodate your new requirements? Cut, copy, paste or re-key? This assumes your requirements are critical enough to warrant inclusion in a future update. You don’t have time for any of that. You need Ratchet. Ratchet is our flagship desktop integration platform. It allows you to add new features to existing applications without having to change those applications in any way or rely on software developers and vendors for integration cooperation. Ratchet understands both the information contained in your application screens and the context within which you’re working for the purpose of assembling a list of the relevant functions you need to be more productive. Ratchet is designed to make software more user-centric.

Ratchet is dedicated to creating desktop integration software that dramatically increases user productivity and reduces data entry errors. Our flagship desktop integration platform, Ratchet , allows you to integrate your desktop applications with any data source. No changes to your applications are required.

Check out Ratchet LLC and experience the myriad ways Ratchet based offerings address your specific integration requirements. Whether you need integration for document management, compliance, accounts payable or electronic forms, Ratchet LLC has you covered.


Seeing is believing. The Ratchet Videos Series is the quickest and easiest way to learn about our products and how they can be used to solve the integration problems you’ve been told are unsolvable.